A new lifestyle with aquatic plants.

I feel closer to nature in my everyday life 
as if taking a deep breath in the forest.
I carefully take care of their environment 
and nurture the living beings.
Growing aquatic plants give a joy of life.
It reminds me of how precious water and green can be.

Be closer to nature and enjoy its wonders more freely.
Start DOOA and fill your life with aquatic plants.

The style opens the door 
finding more flexible ways to enjoy aquatic plants.
The design blends in with water 
while highlighting the plants.
The space offers everyday life 
where you feel close to water and greens.

Bright greens darken in color when exposed to light.
Soft greens embrace air bubbles under the water.
Small inhabitants tell stories as the water drops down.
Lush greenery and light reflected from water.

Welcome to the small wonders 
of nature.


DOOA gives a new sense of style 
with plants.

What does our new brand, DOOA, bring to you?
One is the layout style taking good advantage of aquatic plants’ability to grow both submersed and emersed. 
And the other is a lifestyle with aquatic plants. 

Since water and green are indispensable for us humans, aquatic plants with both elements naturally draw our attention. 

DOOA was born as ADA explored ways to enjoy aquatic plants more freely. 
Incorporate aquatic plants into your daily life.




         MINIMAL & EASY


                ART & BEAUTY

DOOA, an inspiring brand, helps you enjoy aquatic plants

more freely. Minimal and easy, and designed as

a platform allowing everyone to nature plants indoors.

Feel closer to nature, and bring beauty into your life.

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